Sky-clad Venerated Jain Monk.

An old Jain monk and a pilgrim in Sonagiri.
The temple area at Sonagiri, located between Gwalior and Jhansi, is sacred to Jains. There are 77 temples on a large hill as well as a number of other temples in the neighbourhood.
The oldest preserved temples are from the 8th and 9th centuries AC, but according to legend Jains have come to worship on this hill even farther back in history.
The whole temple area is Digambara, which means it belongs to the Sky Clad sect of Jains who go to extreme lengths of ahimsa (non-violence) to avoid harming any living beings. The monks of this sect go sky clad, i e naked. Thus any pilgrim or visitor to this temple area is likely to run into naked monks who have come to worship in the temples. Their only worldly belonging is a whisk used to sweep the ground in front of them in order not to step on and thus harm insects or worms.

Nudity has so many meanings.  I love it when it represents purity and simplicity.

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